Anna-Maija Reés is a Finnish architect and sculptor whose works are conceived from the studies of the nature and our environment where she finds her impulsies for her creative work in micro and macro. “The human being and nature are inseparable”, states the artist. “From nature we can learn: construction, mathematical orders, hierarchy, form, texture, shadow and light. All the elements, which a sculptor needs in her creative process.”

After her matriculation she studied art as an apprenticeship with an artist of the Finnish Academy of Arts, Kirsti Nurmisalo-Tuominen and later in the school of art in Helsinki sculptor Raimo Heino as her teacher. On those days she started her internship at the architect studio Into Pyykkö in Helsinki. 1977 she moved to Sweden to study architecture at the University of Lund, Institute of Technology. Graduating in 1982, with the degree Masters in Architecture, professor Hans Asplund as her examiner. Several years exercising her profession as an architect in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Spain and Germany her love of sculpture led to studies in an art school in Lübeck at the beginning of 90´s. 1994 she design and constructed her wood fired Raku-kiln, which resulted on a period to create sculptures in this medium.

“Ernst Gombrich asserted that in art there is no such thing as progress, only intentions. And those intentions, at times, emerge with such force that they spill over into the realm of certainty and even disrupt life circumstances. In 1994 Anna-Maija Reés, who was born in Helsinki, Finland and holds a Master degree in architecture, decided after 12 years practising her profession, she would enrol at Lübeck‘s School of Art in Germany and take on a new chalenge in her personal life and as an artist.”
(José Manuel Sanjúan; Sculptor-Anna-Maija Reés-Escultora, The Human Nature. Selected Artwork 1994-2014)

“She draws on the lightness of the air; the light air that separates solid from solid. And on the lightness of light, contrasting with the heaviness of the physical material with which surrounds it; they are disparate movements, yet inextricably bound to each other. “ (Sherelisa Bossi; Ceramic Sculptures. Anna-Maija Reés, 2000)

Today she is living and working in San Pedro Alcántara, Spain in the house she especially designed for the family that also incorporates her workshop. Her most recent works are in bronze and stainless steel. From bronze emerges her figurative sculptures and with steel she creates her abstractions.


Timeless Gallery Puerto Banús, group exhibition (2016 -18)

Galleria Espacio Benalmádena, group exhibition (2015)

Gallery Art Club Fuengirola, group exhibition (2015)

Timeless Gallery Puerto Banús, Marbella, Spain. Group exhibition with Peter Mandl, David Begbie and others (2015)

Sala Alfajar Malaga, Spain. Solo exhibition (2014)

Houses of Art Marbella Club Hotel, Spain (2014)

Art Biennale 5th Festival International de Arte, Marbella, Spain. "The Scandinavian Group" (2013)

Houses of Art Marbella Club Hotel, Spain. Spring Exhibition (2013)

Houses of Art Marbella Club Hotel, Spain. Group exhibition with Helidon Xhixha, Zhuang Hong Hi, Marco Grassi (2012)

Norwegian Artists Association visit to the studio in Berlin, Germany (2012)

Houses of Art Marbella Club Hotel, Spain (2011)

Art Gallery Rosenberg Scania, Sweden (2011)

Mosaic decoration for pool for a private house, commissioned work Sierra Blanca, Marbella, Spain (2011)

Houses of Art Marbella Club Hotel, Spain (2010)

Art Biennale Festival International de Arte, Marbella, Spain. Selected by jury (2010 )

Festival International de Arte Marbella, Spain (2009)

Artist Hut Ny-Ålesund, in the Arctic archipelago of Svalbard (2006)

Thaulow atelier Cité des Internationale de Art, Paris (2005)

Los Naranjos G & C private exhibition, Marbella, Spain (2004)

Villa Art Point Marbella, Spain (2003)

Aloha Park private outdoor exhibition, Nueva Andalucia, Marbella (2002)

Los Arqueros G. & C.C private exhibition Benahavis, Spain (2001)

Art Point Gallery private exhibition, Puerto Banus, Spain (2000)

Casa Museo de Mijas private exhibition, Spain (2000)

Casa de la Cultura prívate exhibition, Arroyo de la Miel, Spain (1999)

Raku ceramics private exhibition, invited to exhibit in Lübeck (1997)

Tutors of Musik- und Kunstschule Lübeck (1996)

5 IRIS International Ceramic Seminar, Porvoo, Finland (1996)

Musik- und Kunstschule first private exhibition, Lübeck (1996)


The Municipal House of Höör Sweden

Media Evolution City Malmö Dock, Sweden

Los Naranjos Golf Club Marbella, Spain

Los Arqueros Golf and Country Club Benahavis, Spain

Museo de Mijas Spain

Ayuntamento de Benalmádena Town Hall of Benalmádena, Spain

Musik- und Kunstschule Lübeck, Germany